Why did I create balik.network?

Since many years, I was doing websites professionally, and many friends or family members were asking for some help to set up a little online space. I really appreciate helping my relatives, but it turns out that these things can require a bit of free time.

Being myself not very convinced by the static websites hype for my own blogs use, I decided to go back to the classic, simple-to-use and reliable WordPress and setting a network of WordPress websites (also called multisite). It means that you are then able to host « multiple virtual sites [ that ] share a single WordPress installation ». It also means that when someone asks for help to set a website, you can just answer « Yes! Sure… », not « Yes… But, ya know, these things takes time, and err… », only because I would not be sure how much time and energy I would have.

tl;dr: I created balik.network because I am lazy



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