• Making a living

    Looks like I am starting a micro-business. After years of dreaming for the next perfect job (that never came), I finally had two opportunities at the same moment right after a moment of despair. I had to make a choice. And this choice, brought me to the launching of a micro-company under the French law’s […]

  • 2021 and beyond

    So we started to host some stuff a couple of years ago and everything is going smoothly. WordPress is improving and is obviously the best choice for our activity. We didn’t believe in the static websites thing and WordPress actually do all what we need. I mean, I am typing this from my phone, and […]

  • 3 first months post-mortem

    After 3 months of work with friends and family on small websites we developed collaboratively, I have some observations about the maintenance of this small network. Simple to use for editors First, WordPress really became very easy to use for most of the people, so, as far as you take care of the hard parts like […]

  • Why did I create balik.network?

    Since many years, I was doing websites professionally, and many friends or family members were asking for some help to set up a little online space. I really appreciate helping my relatives, but it turns out that these things can require a bit of free time. Being myself not very convinced by the static websites […]